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PBS composition for HeLa cells - (Dec/13/2006 )

I need to culture HeLa cells and while searching through various protocols i noticed that there are slight modifications to PBS composition in the washing steps, i.e one protocol uses K2HPO4 and in the other monobasic sodium hydrogen phosphate instead . I was wondering if there is a specific composition i need to use for HeLa cell culturing. If anyone has any answers, I'll be very grateful as this is the first time i am doing cell culture.
Thanks a lot.
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Don't think it matters too much actually. You only use it to wash the cells before trypsinisation, to remove the serum mostly.
As long as your PBS is isotonic and has the right pH it will do.


As Vairus said, it realy doesn't matter. You might want to use calcium and magnesium free PBS for washing cells before trypsinization.