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Interaction of Glucose with plasmid DNA - (Dec/11/2006 )

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I hope, posting my question in right way. If not please tell me.

I am working with Polyplexes and for the preparation I use HEPES buffered glucose. I mix the plasmid with HEPES buffered glucose (glucose-5%) and further with my polymer PEI.

How far this glucose in the buffer may react with DNA ?

I come across in article that glucose may affect DNA confirmation. But I really need to know more about this. It may ultimately affect my polyplexes size.

Please if any body working with similar stuff, i would be happy to talk more with them.

Thank you


Glucose provides right osmatic pressure without using salts, as salt will cause aggregation of polyplex.


theoretically, glucose is a poly-OH molecule and therefore it can attract water molecules around it and lead to DNA precipitation by hydrophobic interactions...


Glucose can cause glycated end products, especially of protein material. I doubt, though, that the concentrations you are using will cause this.