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i want to c the proliferation of concanavalin A on the HepG2 - (Dec/05/2006 )

hi all

i want to see the proliferaton of HepG2 by concanavalin A. but i m not getting the relevant literature.

cud someone help me in this regard.

thanx in avance.


I believe most works on cell proliferation stimulatory effect by conA or PHA are done using lymphocytes.


yes you are right.

but in my experiment i have to check the proliferation of my cells in response to one antiproliferative agents and one proliferative agents.

if u suggest some other proliferative agent then its very kind.

and i want to know that which cocn of the concanavalin should be used for lymphocytes.


HGF or EGF would be better stimuli for HepG2 cells. TPA would do too, but it may be dose dependent.