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would you say bonded or bound? - covalent bond (Nov/30/2006 )

Ok, sorry, very stupid question from non english speaker. I don't know where to post it.
would you say that something is covalently bound or bonded?
I saw bonded somewhere, but I don't know if it's right.
Or maybe it's some difference between USA and GB ?

thanks in advance.


definitely covalently bonded.


QUOTE (Jou @ Nov 30 2006, 06:53 PM)
definitely covalently bonded.

Thanks wink.gif


it is a "covalent bond" but it is "bound covalently". so you would say "it is covalently bound to..." or "it is bound covalently to..."


Either would be acceptable, but my personal preference is 'bound covalently'.


Why dont you use "covalently linked to" to avoid potential controversy all together.


biggrin.gif OK I see !

the most important is that none is completely wrong !
genehunter, you have the solution biggrin.gif