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PC12 differentiation NFG - (Nov/27/2006 )

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QUOTE (Mondo977 @ Jan 23 2007, 08:54 AM)
I have used glass bottom dishes in the past ( Basically they're dishes or plates with holes cut in the bottoms. The holes are then covered from the underside with glass coverslips. You can get them coated or uncoated. You can then culture your cells almost exactly as you normally would, fix, and process for immunoreactivity in the well. After immunoloabeling you can dissolve the glue holding the glass coverslip in place and mount it on a slide for viewing and long term storage.

You can always try the free sample to evaluate for your studies. PM me if you have any questions and good luck.

ps. I will be working with PC12s very soon and was wondering what you found to be the best matrix for adhesion.

Thanks, that looks pretty neat , however PC12 cells do not grow well on glass. So I advise you to use plastic dishes or wells. I usually coat them with collagen, which works fine.


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