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anyone using amphotericin B. - kindly tell me in which solvent it get dissolve. (Nov/27/2006 )

hi all,

i am using amphotericin B for the cell culture purpose. i used to use solution form of amphotericin B.

but this time we purchased powder form. but we are facing the problem in dissolveing it.

as we dissolve it in water, it get precipitates. and when i dissolve it in DMSO, it get dissolved, but as i add this DMEM, it get precicpitates in the medium.

now tell suggest me some solution.

your help will be highly appreciated.


as said at invitrogen, it dissolves well in water. Call the company to ask about it or to complain and ask if they send you an other vial?..


May try to dissolve the amphotericin B in water in a 37degree waterbath.

-Minnie Mouse-

This is not only a low solubility issue. Amphotericin B itself is more toxic than Fungizone. The liposomal formualtion is a better choice.