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Cell Culture Book - any suggestion? (Nov/26/2006 )

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cell technolgy by reymonds speir (john wilson publication) is the encyclopedia for both animal and plant cell culture.

it has explained much on metabolism, genetic engg, apoptosis, bioreactor operation, and much more.....

this book is good and unique in its representation.


For german speaking usesrs of this forum I can recommend following book:

Toni Lindl: "Zell- und Gewebekultur", Spektrum Akademischer Verlag; 5. Auflage 2002. ISBN 3827411947


this is chapter of Ian Freshney culture book


QUOTE (spanishflower @ May 17 2007, 09:10 AM)

this is chapter of Ian Freshney culture book

Thanks spanishflower!!
Freshney is a really good one


Thank you spanishflower smile.gif

-Minnie Mouse-

hiya, i found this book a good introduction- in vitro cytotoxicology ( for cyto studies but gives a very good intro to cell culture) i must check out the popular one mentioned above though, it looks like a hit smile.gif


XD, thanks to all the guys here! You all are so nice and helpfull!

You can ask for that Sigma book Cell Culture Manual from your local Sigma distributor for free, like other catalogs. I just preserved one in Beijing.


cell culture guideline

-Minnie Mouse-

you can look at Corning guide about cell culture..


Hi everybody

Most of the links are great, but I still prefer a basic, detailed book I may have close to me wherever I am. Freshney's book looks very appropriate, but I have found another one in Amazon that looks interesting too:

Basic Cell Culture: A Practical Approach by John Davis (Ed.) (OUP Oxford Publisher)

Does anyone has an experience with that book? How is the comparison with Freshney?



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