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what media shall I use for mycobacterium? - sulfur lacking? (Nov/24/2006 )


I am completely novice to this field as I only do molecular biology and some protein techniques.Actually I want to grow mycobacterium in a media which doesn't have any carbon source and also in other which doesn't have any sulfur source.I have to add aditional carbon or sulfur source. In my lab people use 7H9 and 7H10 media, but I don't think that I can use for this. So plz help me in this.

Thanks in advance


My labmate used SDA to culture mycobacterium. It has no sulfur.
Hope this helps...


Hello I am working with mycobacterium tuberculosis and I use Sauton medium. It's a synthetic media so you change the composition like you want.

The compostion is:

0,5g of KH2PO4/liter
0,5g of MgSO4/ liter
4g of L-Asparagin/liter
0,05g of ferric ammonium citrate/liter
60ml of glycerol
500µl of Tween 80

Adjust the pH to 7,2 with 10M NaOH and autoclave for 10' at 120°C

For your experiment just remove the composant who is the source of carbon and sulfure and you media is ready. In my case for example I don't put KH2PO4 because I need a media without Pi.

Hope to help



i think a commonly used medium is 7H9 (liquid) and 7H10 (agar plates) for mycobacterium


7H11 is very good for Mycobacterium tuberculosis or BCG.