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Frequency of flanking alleles? - (Nov/21/2006 )

I'm working on a model (haploid), with one round of recombination, to see how allele frequencies change over time on either side of a selected allele.

In a text book I found that, given a selected allele, the frequency of flanking alleles is 1-r, where r is the recombination fraction.

Can anyone explain why this is so?? For example, if the frequency of a selected allele is, say 0.4, how do I work out the frequency of the flanking alleles from the above statement??
I know what the recombination fraction is, from a Haldane map function, but I just don't know how to fit everything into the above equation to work out the frequency of the flanking alleles.

Any help would be great!

-jimmy1- Genetic interference in the link below should help to explain it.



Excellent, that helped a lot, thanks!