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I want to inqure some questions about cell lines and cell phenotype - which cell line has the highest transfection efficiency as you know (Nov/20/2006 )

hi guys,
I would like to inquire some questions, hoping to get your helpful answers.
1 As far as you know, which cell line is the most common used one and has the highest transfection efficiency? 293 cell ? whatelse?
2 I am now going to find a death related and very sensitive phenotype, that's to say, when I add something to the cell, the cell could die during a very short time, (during transient tranfection screening time, just a few days), then I can transfect my library to the cell and get some molecules meditating cell death pathway, whatever.
The reagent I add to the cells had better meditate cell death through a well-known pathway.( for example, my chosen cell line highy expresses fas(of course the transfection of this cell line is high), then I add fasL to the cells and all the cells die at a short time, (not more than 2 day for example). then I can screen the living cells transfected with my library.
Will you please help me to find such cell line and its well-known death related pathway?

Thank you very much.


Q1: indeed, HEK293 and derivaties are often used; other often used are MCF-7, Caco2, MDCK, 3T3, CHO, HepG2, PC12, AGS

Q2: mostly, cell molecular analysis is linked to physiological systems such as epithelia, liver, kidney, neurons, heart etc.; so, if you wish to analyse apoptosis, you may carefully choose a cell line that is a model for a disease or physiological function;

as each cell line carries some defects in the molecular signal transduction process, a primary cell system may a useful alternative to cell lines

-The Bearer-