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Kanamycin/Neomycin resistance - (Nov/17/2006 )

Does anyone know if cell carries kanamycin gene resistance gene it'll make cell resistance to Neomycin too?


bacteria cell?

If you have are throwing neomycin at bacteria then it should be okay as long as the neo gene is transcribed by a bacterial promoter... it just very expensive.


As long as there is a eukaryotic promoter and pA signal.


The limitation is not the resistant gene itself. In bacteria, CMV or SV40 or CAG promoter does not work. Also, the bacterial promoter does not work in mammalian cells. However, there is a hybrid plasmid such as PBK-CMV (Staratagene) which has dual promoter activity both for mammalian and bacteria. I hope this will help you. Sorry for my typo.