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help- G0 synchrony of MCF10 A breast cells and MCF-7 cell lines - (Nov/15/2006 )

Does anyone have experience in synchronizing MCF 10 A and MCF -7 cell lines at G0 phase. PLease let me know the protocol...iam really having trouble finding it . Thanks for ur help in advance.


Woo.. I sounds very difficult. I have several experiences for cell synchronizing for G2-M (Nocodazole) for early G1 (Serum 0%-Hydroxyurea), but no experince for G0 synchronization. In my understanding, it might be very difficult to put cancer cells such as MCF7 or MCF10 into G0 because they still file up and keep cell growth even after the full confluent condition. When I was keeping the non-immortalized MEF (primary cells), it looks complete G0 when they reaches the confluent.

Sorry, please wait the suggestion from the specialists.