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ex vivo and in vitro, what is the clear difference? - terminology (Nov/12/2006 )

hi, all I just got a question about two terminologies "in vitro" and "ex vivo"

in my understanding

"in vitro" is: both experiment and analysis are done outside of organism, such as in culture cell in culture flask.

and "ex vivo" is: experiment itself was done inside of organism(-s) (in vivo) but samples (i.e. organs or tissues) were removed from organisms and analyzed outside (in vitro)

BUT, my question is
1) my understanding is right, or not

2) if my understanding is right, as far as the experiment (or part of experiment) was done in vivo, no matter what was done after sample was removed from organism, should it be considered "ex vivo"?

I know that my explanation is not very clear, but I just cannot explain what I want to say very well sad.gif

Anyway, if you have your own definitions of these terms or explanations, please let me know!

Thanks in advance.
Have a Good Day smile.gif


in vitro means in glass. this is experimentation done outside organisms.
ex vivo is "out of living"... it refers to experimentation done in or on living tissue in an articifical environment outside the organism. ie the CAM assay.
ex vivo is performed in vitro. but not all in vitro is ex vivo.
as for part 2... i'd say you're right.