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MCF7 Cell Starvation - (Nov/10/2006 )

Hi guys

I'm workin with MCF7 cells.. Is it very critical to starve them in serum free medium, phenol red free medium. I obtained results with complete starvation but in the presence of phenol red. when i repeated the experiment using 1% FBS medium i didnt get same results. I usually starve for 24 hours before treatrment.

so what is the optimum conditions to starve those cells in terms of time n presence or absence of phenol red

thanks in advance for ur help


I take it you're estrogen starving them?
I use charcoal stripped FBS (10%) and phenol red free media for 3 days. Phenol red contains a similar chemical structure as estrogen, and as you know, MCF-7 love estrogen. FBS if it is not charcoal stripped contains many steroids and things that may act like estrogen.
If you want to starve the cells, NO PHENOL RED, no normal FBS. use te CS-FBS. as for the time, i use 3 days, but people use 1 day.