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Is Pseudomonas an enteric bacteria? - (Nov/08/2006 )

Dear all,

I would like to ask a question about the Pseudomonas. Hopefully there is someone here who is familiar with this bacteria.
I read from a book (Talaro, 2005) that stated that all enteric bacteria except the Pseudomonas spp. are classified under the Enterobacteriaceae family. However a lot of people are telling me that this is not true, they said that the Pseudomonas is not even an enteric bacterium because it infects the lung and it is a soil bacterium.
Could anyone help me in answering this question?
Thanks a lot.



i have heard no mention of it being an enteric bacterium.
Most species are indeed found in soil.


hmmmm that's a tricky question

it is an opportunistic pathogen; you may find it in the GI tract of someone who is immunocompromised

it is not habitually an enteric bug, though it does not live only in soil. it's pretty much ubiquitous. it can also be found in ear infections, skin can make you quite sick if it contaminates your hot tub..and it is particularly nasty if it appears in a UTI


Thank you, aimikins and microbiologist.
That means Pseudomonas could be living in GI but it is not an enteric bacteria.
So, do you think that it will be wrong if i group the Pseudomonas under the group of enteric bacteria?


yes, it would be wrong

do you have access to a Bergey's? the differences are outlined quite well in that manual