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Coat Coverslips with Collagen IV/Transfect and Image PC12 Cells - (Nov/03/2006 )

Hi. We're trying to transfect and image PC12 cells. Does anyone have a good protocol for coating coverslips with collagen IV? And would you transfect before or after adhering the cells? Thanks!


Hi katherine,

I am also working with PC12 cells. Before the day of transfection, I coat the coverslips with rat tail collagen from roche. I just add 2,5 ul/cm2 collagen and spread it with the rubber tip of a syringe. I let it dry for 1 hour. After that I put my cells with the desired cell concentration and next day, I continue with the transfection. I also used collagen of sigma. It was also ok, but roche is little bit cheaper.

hope it will help...