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Meaning of genetic markers? - (Nov/02/2006 )

Does the position of a mraker in a DNA sequence indicate the exact position of a gene locus or does a marker indicate that a gene locus is near that marker.


A marker is the means by which a gene or a locus is identified. The marker is dependent on an assay, which could, for example, be identification of a mutant phenotype or presence of an enzyme activity, protein band, or DNA fragment. The assay must show genetic variation of the marker to map the locus on a genetic map but not to place it on a physical map.

A locus is a point in the genome, identified by a marker, which can be mapped by some means. It does not necessarily correspond to a gene; it could, for example, be an anonymous non-coding DNA segment or a cytogenetic feature. A single gene may have several loci within it (each defined by different markers) and these markers may be separated in genetic or physical mapping experiments. In such cases, it is useful to define these different loci, but normally the gene name should be used to designate the gene itself, as this usually will convey the most information.

Hope that this explains it for you.