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How to culture and assay Bacteriophages? - (Oct/27/2006 )

I am a High school student and actively involved in the Science Research program. I am interested in working with Bacteriophages, I wanted to design an experiment that would model how Bacteriophages behave when introduced to a reservoir of water, like those used for irrigation on crop farms. Im trying to work with phage T7. But basically I know nothing about phages only what I have read online. Because microbiology is not covered in my school's curriculum and there is only so much I can learn from the internet. So I am undertaking this project with little knowledge about phages but Im still in the process expanding my knowledgebase. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some websites or textbooks I could look up, to help me expand my knowledgebase. And if anyone can explain how to culture and assay Bacteriophages thta would be very helpfull. Also please leave any comments or suggestions about my project, im still in the discovry phase of my project and any help would be appreciated .


I'd recommend that you look at the Carolina Biological strain collections, here:

They will also have books and instruction manuals tuned toward the high school student.