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Knockout cell lines? - (Oct/26/2006 )


May I know if there's any commercial source of purchasing Knockout cell lines, say a p53 (-/-) or a p53 (mutat) cell line.??



Hi Sharon,
I would have thought alot of carcinoma cell lines would have mutant p53. Maybe try a search of ATCC catalogue. Cervical carcinoma cell lines (e.g. CaSki) which are infected with human papilloma virus will have inactivated/degraded p53 because of one of the viral gene products. You could also try knocking down expression in a normal cell line using siRNA if you wanted.



Human prostate cancer cell PC-3 is p53 null.


There is a MEF Knock out cell line.


You can buy H1299 (non small lung carcinoma) which are p53-/-. Also Saos-2 are p53 -/-; you can find HCT116 both p53wt and p53-/-. These are all human cell lines. You can buy them from ATCC; I don't know about other sources but maybe others know here