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effects of CO2 level on mammalian cell culture - (Oct/14/2006 )


Can anyone tell me will 10% CO2 level affect the cells? What is the optimum pH range of NPC/HK1 ?

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Haven't worked with these cells, but yes, the CO2 level can have an influence on your cells. Had some problems with an old incubator, indicated 4,5% all the time, but manual checking indicated that it was more like 10%, and my cells weren't growing like they used to, others could stand it.


your medium is buffered with bicarbonate.

CO2 + H2O -> H2CO3 <--> H+ + HCO3-

so, if you increase CO2, you will decrease the pH.
I don't know for your cells in particular, but usually cells are at 5% CO2


The CO2 concentration is usually coordinated with the amount of bicarbonate added to the medium. 5% CO2 is about 2.2 g/L Bicarbonate and 10% CO2 is about 3.5 g/L Bicarbonate. You can check a Freshney's guide to cell culture for a table on these levels.