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software for expression matrix analysis - (Feb/20/2002 )

Hi all,
I am trying to write a small program in C to test out various algorithms for clustering expression data. The trouble is, that I cannot read in a typical data set (say, 70 experiments x 2500 genes) without getting various errors (my background in CS is limited)ยด. Can anyone tell me if there is an example of this kind of code available on the net to learn this from?



I dont know if I am able to help you but what I know is that a lot of program analyse microarray are programmed in the langage R because they allready have a library for perhaps you should try this langage or anyway perhaps you will find there some explanation about your programation problem. (I hope this helped you)



I have been analyzing micrarray data using Perl, mostly because I know Perl, while I don't know C++ well. Also, there's a lot of info about using Perl for bioinformatics data analysis on the web (see, for example,, and there are a ton of modules available for Perl (see

cuca is right as well -- there are packages available for R (see, but I don't program well in R, either...