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How to sepate two similar sized DNA fragments - (Oct/09/2006 )

I want to separate two DNA fragments; one is 600bp the other is 617 bp can this be achieved with a high percentage agarose gel, i.e 3%


You can probably see the difference if you run two lanes next to one another, but I doubt if you could, for example, isolate one band from a pair by cutting.


I agree, I think you would have trouble isolating one band from the other in large quantities. Is it from a plasmid? Maybe you could amplify the fragment by PCR.



If you want to physically separate them, instead of visually separating them, try cloning.

As for the latter, I'm not sure if 3% agarose will be able to separate them but phage434's idea is good, unless you don't have the nt sequence info to refer.


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