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Sepharose Beads - (Oct/09/2006 )

Hi everybody!

I would want an advise to sepharose beads. I've seen that there are several of them: sepharose, sepharose 4B, sepharose CL, Protein A and G sepharose?

I would want to do chIP with an rabbit antibody. What sepharose should i use?

Thanks in advance.


sepharoses are classically used in column chromatography; sepharoses can be labeld with affinity tags such as immunglobulin-binding protein A or G; so you have to use proteinA/G-labeled sepharose; protein A/G is to use for mammalian IgG, lower affinity for human IgM or IgA, or IgE, but no binding for IgD

-The Bearer-

Thank you very much for your help. smile.gif