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Cell line for glutamate receptors - Glutamate receptor cell lines (May/31/2002 )

Hi! i am looking for cell lines for glutamate receptors, i am growing neurons  which i bought from stragene but has very long doubling time of 92 hours. I am looking for cell lines which has rapid growth.How good is PCL 2 cell lines anybody have used this before please share your experinece.All suggestions are welcome.
Thanks a lot.


Not a cell line but I used to prep mixed neuronal/glial cultures from embryonic mouse or rat brains (~E14-18) for screening compounds that protected against NMDA-induced toxicity. These cultures expressed all glutamate receptor subtypes after ~7 days in culture. Harvest embryos and isolate the cortices. Cut into pieces then titurate through a fire-polished pipette in DMEM/F-12 with N2 supplements. Strain through a mesh cell strainer and count (determine viability with trypan blue). Hope this helps.