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autoclave - (Oct/03/2006 )

If i had a bottle with a total volume of 500ml which was to be autoclaved what maximum volume would i add to the to bottle?


A bottle has a screw cap with a rubber liner. What adjustment to the cap would i make before autoclaving the bottle?


Don't fill more than two thirds, so about 350 mL maximum. Also make sure to loosen the cap before autoclaving. Leave it on slightly though


121oC for 30 minutes at 1 Bar pressure on a liquid cycle i.e. slow increase in temperature to 121oC then slow decrease to ambient. Loosen cap at beginning and when autoclave open tighten immediately.


tongue.gif If your bottle can accomodate a volume of 500ml, yr specimen's volume shld not exceed 480ml ( this is my guidelines in lab )..

The screw cap shld not be capped tight... The purpose of autoclaving is to kill bacteria and whatever contaminants on the bottle which will make it sterile for usage. So steam under high pressure shld be allowed to enter the bottle.

And autoclaving is done under high pressure ( e.g. 15 psi in my lab) & if you capped your bottle tightly, the high pressure will cause the bottle to explode...

hope these info can help you... tongue.gif

-Gomes Nicholas-