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What molecular weight cutoff dialysis membrane to use for virus concentration - (Oct/02/2006 )

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QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Aug 25 2007, 01:22 AM)
QUOTE (genehunter-1 @ Aug 24 2007, 08:20 AM)
No. I dont have one. You may test it with buffer solution to get a sense how fast it works.

I believe you can also use high MW polyacrylic acid powder as well.

OK, call me a great big chicken, but seeing anything with "acrylic acid" and "powder" in the same sentence worries me a lot more than anything with PEG.
Also, the Pierce website talks of simply air-drying the dialysis tubing after the dialysis stage. Slower than PEG, but maybe less risk of overdrying.


No problem. Thats the absorbent polymers used in baby diapers. rolleyes.gif


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