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Neurobasal or DMEM? - (Oct/01/2006 )

I'm faced difficulties in deciding what is the best medium to culture neural stem cells from rat's striatal brain tissue, is it best to use Neurobasal with B27 or DMEM and F12?
Hope somebody help me...


Hello guy, you can compare the product from invitrogen and

find a solution to your problems !! In my experiences,

I find it is better to use the DMEM/F12+B27(no vitamin A)

+bFGF+EGF which can provide a good and enough nutrient in

serum free medium. Also, it is good for the neurospheres

expansion for 5 days per passage !!

@the neural stem cell culture and transfection in invitrogen web site. I hope the above the information can help you.


if its of any help,

we routinely use neurobasal with B27 for neuronal cultures.