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Shipping Cell Cultures - Shipping Cell Cultures (Jul/25/2002 )

I am looking for a good reference/protocol on shipping, mailing and transporting cell cultures. I am also interested in what you are using and what problems, if any, you are having.


Use t75 flask or similar.  Seed cells. Fill with warm medium. Leave about 5 ml from the top.  There will be a small air bubble in the flask when done.  May want to use HEPES buffered medium due to the absence of CO2 in the system.  Close lid firmly.  Wrap lid with parafilm.  Wrap flask with bubble wrap.  Put in fed ex box.  Fill dead space with bubble wrap, tissue, or popcorn.  Send package overnight.  


Investigate shipping your cell cultures in the Celartia device called Petaka. Petaka Cell Culture Information

Shipping Live Cell Culture in Petaka Protocol


I believe the easiest way to ship cells is still to send frozen cells. Send it in dry ice, wich you tightlywrap in newspaper, and then in a styrofoam box. Ship the fastest way.