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Transwell permeable membranes - Which pore-size for motility tests? (Sep/28/2006 )

I like to use Cornings Transwell permeable membranes for cell motility tests; we use MDCK, Caco2, HepG2, MCF7, AGS and some special cell lines; Corning recommend to use pore-sizes not smaller than 3 µm; ok, but they also offer pore-sizes of 5, 8 and 12 µm; 12 µm might be too large; different pore-sizes may meet different cell lines to be permeable for whole cells

Has someone done motility tests in Transwell plates with mentioned or similar cell lines, and tried different pore-sizes? money to buy different pore-sized wells and time to optimize is limited, so any suggestion is very welcome!

-The Bearer-

I think most people use 8 um pore size filter for transmembrane migration studies for cells.


thanks genehunter-1, I think it will do

-The Bearer-