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Industrial Microbiology related calculation - (Sep/24/2006 )

Can anyone please tell me how to do the following calculation.

Time(hour) Cell Concentration(g/l) Glucose Concentration (g/l)
0 1.5 100.0
9 2.25 95.0
16 5.5 90.4
23 10.0 75.0
30 21.0 48.1
34 33.0 21.6
36 35.5 10.38
40 40.0 0.63

a) Calculate the maximum growth rate
b)Calculate the substrate yield
c)What is the maximum cell conc. one could expect if 150 gof glucose was used with the same size inoculum

Thanks very much indeed^_^


for the growth rate :
you need to calculate the population doubling time of your cells in each interval. See this thread for that.

substrate yield...
Hum not 100% sure, but i think it's something related to mg of glucose used per minute per cell number. If so, it's relative easy to perform...

c) you surely know that... as it's not a calcul needed but some reflexion.