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collagen or gelatin coating: do they perform differently? - or do you really get what you are paying for? (Sep/21/2006 )

Hi, guys:

I guess there must be a reason why people would spend $$$ on collagen over cheap gelatin. But seriously, has anyone experienced difference in cell growth on collagen vs with gelatin coated surface ?


I think gelatin is somehow crude and not well defined for the composition of collagen types or any other components; so, there might be differences in gelatin quality between providers and even charges; if there is no need to exactly define the coat, to say "collagen I" or "collagen IV", why not a trial with gelatin...however, I would look for effects of different charges

-The Bearer-

My PI says that gelatin is used to help cells adhere better but collagen is used for better cell growth and especially in neurons cultures for better neurite outgrowth.

But I have never compared them.