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I'm having trouble finding human sperm DNA - (Sep/20/2006 )


I'm starting to research DNA methylation status in cancer patients.
So, I need to get the human sperm DNA that will be used as a unmethylated DNA control.
But, I can't find any company to buy it.

Where can I get it from?

Thank you.

-HS Cho-

there are companies now that sell universal methyhlated and unmethylated controls like chemicon

see their website, do a google,

I am also aware there are other companies that sell this also,



Thank you very much~ biggrin.gif

-HS Cho-

You can also purchase a genomic DNA purification kit ( or do it old school)
and isolate your own. It's actually very simple. You can also use blood.


huh.gif Maybe a dumb question - but why do you think that human sperm or blood DNA can serve as unmethylated control? DNA from leukocytes has specific methylation patterns as well as sperm DNA! so better stick to commercially available unmethylated DNA.