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highly recommended company or etc for TaqMan probe in MethyLight - (Sep/20/2006 )


My research interest is DNA methylation study in cancer cells and I'd like to perform high-throughput real-time PCR (MethyLight assay) using ABI Prism 7300 (Applied Biosystem) or LightCycler (Roche)

So, I want to design and purchase the TaqMan probes that will be used in MethyLight assay.
Could you tell me where is the most reliable and best company or institute or etc. to make the probes in the world(^^;;)?

I'd appreciate if you would provide some information to me.

Thank you.

-HS Cho-

I think Applied Biosystems is a good reference in terms of Taqman probes; they have an "assay by design" service, you give them your sequence and they design the Taqman probes for you.
but there are probably more good companies in the field


There are many companies. I have used IDT since they are usually cheaper than the applied biosystems.


Sigma Aldrich also supply "Taqman" - like probes although they are not called this because it's been trademarked by ABI. They are competitive in price and work just as well as ABI probes.