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Obtaining single cell suspension from fixed biopsy tissue - (Sep/19/2006 )

i am wondering if anyone has had experience with obtaining a single cell suspension from fixed biopsy tissue. We have the option of fixing in a number of types of fixative solutions. most that i have seen has to do with PFA parafin embedded and the need for antigen retrevial for IH this will not be the case. is one fixative better than another. these cells will be stained and viewed microscopically. no IH involved.


do I understand right? You have or collect biopsies and want to separate them to single cells to fix them for immuncytochemistry? Or you have already fixed biopsies and like to separate them now to single cells? Whatever...try collagenase and/or pronase, each tissue may have an individual protocol;

-The Bearer-

If it is fixed, there is no return. You will not be able to get single cells from fixed tissue.