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magnetic affect of ameoba cells? - how can i make this a science fair project (Sep/16/2006 )

I want to do an Independent science fair project on the affects of electromagnetic fields on ameoba cells, but I want it to be more complex. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions concerning this topic that might help me. If you do, please send me any information you know about ameoba cells and how they are affected by electro magnetic feilds, what I can test for, and how.

I don't mind getting more independent science fair ideas that deal with amoeba cells biggrin.gif ,if you can't answer my questions.



You can look at changes on the replication rate, the responsiveness to chemotactics, or the activity of phagocytosis for foreign objects with or without field applied and different field strength.

I can't give you any further details on how to do these experiments, nor any of these has been done by someone else, simply because we are not studying these creatures. So before you start you need to do a serious literature search on the experimental details and to find out how much have been done in these areas with ameoba. Beside google, is a website to find out these info.

You may also have to consider some practical issues related to the budget and facility that you currently have for such studies.

Good luck and have fun.