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growth rate of SK-BR-3 cells - (Sep/13/2006 )


I just got SK-BR-3 cell line from ATCC. I am told that the doubling time of SK-BR-3 cells is 19 hours. However, in my hands, they seem not to grow so fast. (I used the medium recommended by ATCC, and a subcultivation ratio of 1:5). I am wondering if that is because they were just brought out from the frozen state. Does anyone here has experience with SK-BR-3 cells? Any suggestion would be really appreciated!



Have used these particular cells in the past and 19 hours seems about right. I have to say that with all cell lines that I bring up from frozen, I disregard split ratio's and seed the flasks too high. This only gives the cells more of a kick start and the worse that can happen is that the cells are ready for splitting/passaging/trypsinising a couple of days early. I prefer this rather than the cell density being too low and the possibility of selecting a sub population of the cells that will survive harsh conditions.
Also the FCS/FBS maybe contributing to the slow growth.

Hope this is useful



they do gorwo slow initially. SK BR-3 requires a certain density to grow well. Therfore if ur cells are not growing too well, pool two flasks into one and then split it after they get confluent.


The medium i use for the SK-Br3 is RPMI supplemented with 10% FBS, 2% pen/strep, 1% sodium pyruvate, and 1.25% L-glut

i seed a T75 polystyrene flask with 5-7.5 x10^4 cells/ml (total of 40 mls) and they grow like weeds.

do seed a little heavier for the first few passage... theyre grumpy after being frozen tongue.gif