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How to Insert Genomic DNA into yeast - (Sep/10/2006 )

Do any of you know how it is possible to transfer altered genomic DNA into yeast? I thought transformation was mostly for plasmids, but is it possible to insert genomic DNA in there as well or not?


If you mean, "Is it possible to insert DNA into the genome of a yeast cell?"

The answer is yes. Random integration is a snap. Targeted integration into the genome is 'easier' then animal cells. Mainly because of their recombination mechinary, their faster growth rate and ease of handling (requires less sterial techniques and the cells are hardier).

"Easier" however is a relative term. And varies with the species of "yeast" you are working on. If you are working with some obsure "yeast" species, where techniques are largely undeveloped, it might become "interesting".

Hope this answers your question.

P.S: As for chromosome transfers.... I know of experiments where pombe chromosomes have been into mice cells. I do not know if the reverse has been done or successful.Minichromosomes can be moved within a species from one strain to another.