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Why is non-viral transfection efficiency of endothelial cells low? - (Sep/08/2006 )


Does anyone know WHY it is difficult to transfect endothelial cells (e.g. lymphatic endothelial cells or dermal microvascular endothelial cells) using non viral transfection? Do these cells have any special properties which make the transfection difficult?

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There may be multiple reasons. These cells are very fragile and sensitive to the treatment as you probably know. Their replication rate maybe lower than other cell type. Nontheless, you can still transfect them at 10-30% rate with lipofecatamine 2000 for HUVEC and BAES, based on my experience. Inactivated adenovirus helps if included during transfection. Plus reagent from invitrogen may also help. For Lipo 2000, it is relatively toxic and expression goes down after 24 hrs. I have not try the new version with reduced toxicity yet.