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dna and microarray - (Sep/08/2006 )

hi am sorry but am new to microarray but find it interesting. I just want to ask if its possible to use isolated genomic dna from blood samples in microarray?

I will be very grateful if you can provide me nice links on simple yet workable protocols.

thank you


hi rina 77

try google "genomic DNA blood isolate"
there you have a couple protocols and kits to isolate gDNA from blood,
to amplify tiny amounts of DNA (e.g. from blood) try repli-G or genomiphi

good luck



Normal DNA extraction with phenol chloroform will do. Just remember to get rid of phenol contamination and make sure ur DNA is pure (O.D 260/280 >2.0).


You can use Genomic DNA isolated form the blood for the microarray experiment, but it is always better to convert the genomic DNA in to cDNA and use the same for the microarray experiment.