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can the phoenix cell be transfected using lipofectamine ? - (Aug/31/2006 )


I just got a phoenix cell line which i guess the same as from the Nolan lab. According to their protocol, the phoenix are pretreated with chloroquine and transfected using CaCl2. I am wondering if it is okay to use lipofectamine 2000 here ? also is chloroquine necessary ? anybody experienced please advice. Thanks !


You dont need CQ with Lipo2000. Lipo2000 is a general transfection reagent that works on many different types of cells. Is it suspension cell type? if so it will be more difficult to transfect. Let us know your finding and good luck!


You can transfect phoenix just smiling at them biggrin.gif
Surely lipofectamin will increase your transfection efficiency
I like Calcium Phosphate protocols,,, they are tons cheaper