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MSP BUFFER BY Herman et al., - (Aug/30/2006 )

Dear ALL,
We have been successfully using the MSP buffer made by us containing Ammonium sulphate, Mgcl2, B-Mercapto ethanol etc., as mentioned in the protocol on the MD Anderson Methylation page and in the MSP paper by Herman et al.,. Recently- we tried to UV this buffer as we feared it had some contamination- do you think a PCR buffer without DNTP/TAQ can be put under UV?Please help as we are not sure whether to go ahead with this style!! or not.


interesting forum name wink.gif

I cannot come up with a single reason this would not work.

so +1 vote to UV it...


I agree with sneth, UV should not be harmful.

BTW, I tried that buffer some time ago and didn't notice any advantages over standard buffer coming with my taq.