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Trypsination on Caco-2 - (Aug/29/2006 )

Dear all,

I´d like to ask, specially who has been working with Caco-2 cells, if there´s any special procedure to detach the cells... blink.gif

Thanks any suggest! rolleyes.gif


I don't think this is a special procedure:
we used to detach Caco-2 cells with trypsin 0,25% in PBS (5 mins in incubator and then inhibition with medium). We used to rinse the flask (T25 or T75) with PBS before trypsinization and then we removed trypsin by centrifugating (is that the correct spelling? huh.gif ) the suspension 10 min 1000rpm but I can't tell you how many g they correspond sad.gif .
Hope this 'll help you anyway! smile.gif