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promoter methylation PCR kit from Panomics - (Aug/29/2006 )

I am also a new one in methylation analysis and I would like to explore hundreds of promoters, which is probably unrealistic....but hopefully, I will manage at least some of them !
I just discovered the existence of a kit claiming an easy, fast and reliable alternative to bisulfite sequencing to identify methylation in promoter regions. THis kit is named "Promoter methylation PCR kit", from the company Panomics. It is based on the use of MeCP2, a protein that specifically binds methylated DNA. Then, methylated DNA is purified using a column and the presence / absence of a given promoter is tested by PCR. Has anyone heard about it or used it ? I would be happy to hear your impression before trying it (it is quite expensive).
Thanks a lot,


I have not tried this kit but read the manual. It sounds a quick and easy method. I think the reliability of result from the kit largely depends on the specificity of the antibody. Anyway it worths trying.


I have used other kits form panomics (TF/DNA interaction) and they worked fine, however as far as I know MeCP2 although one of the most important in the brain is only one of the possible protein that could bind your methylated DNA in other tissues. Thus with this kit I believe you can identify mainly MeCP2 related DNA methylated sites.