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Need some answers.. - ..for girlfriend's test.. (Aug/28/2006 )


my girlfriend is studying microbiology, and she'll have some test from Molecular Biology, so I'd like to ask you a few questions I didn't find anywhere (they're so ambiguous, and also biology is my weak side) wink.gif

Here they are:

1. Structure and function of branch site.

who does activate it?
who does enable his vaccination?

3. Where does TRANSCRIPTION starts?
How does transcription influence on ripening (maturing) of mRNA.

4. Function of hnRNA.

5. (in Slovenian) SUMORILACIJA (didn't find any transl.; maybe sumorilation or something, really don't know):
- what is it?
- it's function

I would really appraise your fast answers.

Thank you in advance,
nice regards, Z.


I won't answer any of these because they can be found via Google in a matter of minutes.

If I'm not mistaken, sumorilacija = sumoylation. Google it.


haha haringsh, gotta agree with you!

guess someone isnt gonna be in the good book after all ;-)

-grapes of wrath-

All these answers can b found in standard molcular biology textbook.

Y bother asking this forum. go check some books.


you also have wikipedia. this is not molecular biology, this is first year biology course.