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Yeast Contamination - Need to get rid of the yeast (May/03/2002 )

I've made a cell line in Helas that is Tet inducible.  As luck would have it, my flasks became contaminated with yeasts before i had a chance to freeze it down.  I don't know where the yeast came from, but it was the only flask contaminated.  I've already taken the necessary decontamination steps of hood/incubator.  But is there a way to get rid of the yeast from my culture?

-Tom Graczyk-

in the air, because yeast can sporulate and spores can stay in aerator filter. Look if you have filter near from culture cells.


This is a trouble-some case. What you can try (no guarantee for success):
1) wash cells 5 x with BSS containing anti-yeast drug (Amphotericin or Nystatin, available from SIGMA Aldrich)
2) Incubate cells with medium plus the drug for 48 hrs.
3) Remove drug to check whether treatment was successful.
Note: this will stress the cells a lot -risk of loosing the culture. Hence don't try it on your only culture.