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PC12 cells- how do you get rid of the dead? - (Aug/22/2006 )

Hello, new to this whole game...

Was using PC12 cells in suspension for a while and eventually more dead in the flask than alive. Have now stopped using the cells but am writing up thesis and can't find anywhere how to get rid of the dead clumps of floating cells. Read somewhere a while back about centrifuging the cells at different speeds but now can't find that snippet of information..yes totally disorganised! Would be grateful for any advice/ information.

Thanks x


I've not specifically used PC12 cells (will be soon though). However, I have grown other cell lines in suspension and one thing we would do is centrifuge the cells at a low speed. The live cells tend to pellet more at the bottom than the dead cells which will remain in the supernatant (or at least this has been my experience).