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kanamycin activity with time - (Aug/22/2006 )

i prepared a LB media containing kanamycin, but for some reasons that media has not been used. can somebody tell me for how long does the activity of kanamycin remain, i.e. after what time does the kanamycin degrade under room temp.. i have heard of a plot of activity decreasing with time, but have never seen one. can anybody help!


I have used LB with kanamycin stored in 4C for many months. I am not sure what happens if its stored in RT for too long.

If its too old, I would make new LB with kanamycin.


It's supposed to be stable for 12 months at 2-8C and approximately 5 days at 37C.

I gather it would be OK for at least a week or two at RT - however its probably safer to make a new solution if you're uncertain.


for quick assay, you can culture in that medium (but don't do that if you plan expensive experiments, you need to be able to check in a cheap way the quality (ex miniprep)).
the medium may be ok, but i will prepare an other one for clean experiments.
i've stored LB + kana for 2weeks on the bench with no pb.


hi! hanx 4 the replies. but can anybody tell me whether there is really any such graphical plot of dec. in antibiotic activity with time. i mean after how much time how much activity willl remain, provided other conditions remain same. thanx in advance