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genomic library and cDNA - (Aug/20/2006 )

main differences between genomic library and cDNA


genomic dna library of eukaryotes means having introns cDna means revestranscribed from m RNA
if u make that library it is called cDNA library did u get the infromation what u want??

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just to clear up the last post, which can seem somewhat confusing

gDNA:= is the complete DNA present in a cell, including intron, exons, junk DNA etc, as in human our gDNA would consist on all 3 billion nucleotides pairs.

cDNA:= a cDNA library is produced by reverse-transcribing the cells mRNA, this would give you a library that consists on the DNA sequences of all the RNA that is transcribed from the gDNA, and excludes the introns

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