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293 cells sonication - How do I do it???? (Aug/14/2006 )

I made a transfection of 293 cells with a plasmid and now i need to see the expression of my enzyme... but i dont know how make the sonication...

anyone have an idea?




Do your lab have a sonicator?

If yes, ask someone in the lab to show you. It is a quite dangerous equipment as it may damage your eardrum ph34r.gif .

-Minnie Mouse-

Just extract ur cells in ur lysis buffer. Introduce sonicator into the extract (in a tube) and sonicate briefly for 1-2 seconds. use ear covers.

U could also leave out the sonication part, if ur protien is abundant.


If you use a probe sonicator then heating of the solution may become a problem . I always sonicate my cells at between 8-10 Amplitude Microns on ice for 5 seconds, 2-3 cycles over a 90 second period. Look at your sonicated suspension under the microscope to make sure sonication has been successful. Also in your mix add protease inhibitors to reduce proteolytic attack.