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cell stain and the fixation? - (Aug/03/2006 )

I want to take image of cells on some substrate and do some live/dead cell staining. However, I have to take my samples to other buildings to use other lab's microscope. I am wondering if I can stain the cells with trypan blue...or calcein AM+Propidium iodide..and then fix the cells..let them dry and take the sample to other lab. Is that ok?
anyone has a good fixation protocol for that?


I have found that fixing cells can change the shape/morphology... I have seen this with formalin. Also as soon as you fix them they will all be dead, so maybe this will mess up what you are trying to do.

You could just take the cells and stain with you to the other lab and set up the slides there. Most cells will live for several hours in media at room temperature. However, they don't like saline very much, so if you need to put them in saline before staining, do it when you get there, but transport them in media.


hello sir
This Rajeev K. Tyagi from INDIA, working on antimalarial project for vaccine development. further, i want to know that cloned plasmid of our gene of interest and through carrier system (cationic microparticles) i want to evaluate the protein expression through in vitro study and fluorescence microscopy i want to do. i am taking the DC line for this purpose, now my wuestion is what dye i can use. i will wait for the reply.